1. Havana Steinmeier on Relations Between the USA and Cuba
  2. Pierce Brown American YA Authors Visit Berlin, Dresden, Munich
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Steinmeier on Relations Between the USA and Cuba

"I share President Obama’s view that the dignity and self-determination of the Cuban people should be the yardstick of our policy on Cuba," Foreign Minister Steinmeier said. "The Cuban people can only stand to benefit from improved relations with the USA as well as with Europe."

Pierce Brown

American YA Authors Visit Berlin, Dresden, Munich

As part of its cultural outreach, the German Embassy sponsored a trip to Germany for seven American authors in the YA genre. The trip included stops in Berlin, Dresden and Munich and meetings with publishers and German authors. The ultimate goal was to offer an impression of the modern German publishing world.

Germany.info Advent Calendar 2012

Welcome to the Germany.info Advent Calendar!

Welcome to the Germany.info Advent Calendar. Open a new window each day though December 24 and discover games, German music, recipes, stories and crafts that we hope will bring a touch of German Christmas tradition to your holiday season. Enjoy!

Cabinet decision

Bundeswehr Soldiers to Train Forces Fighting Against ISIS

The German Bundeswehr is to train Iraqi and Kurdish security forces in Northern Iraq in support of the fight against the terrorist militants ISIS, under a plan adopted by the Federal Cabinet on the initiative  of Foreign Minister Steinmeier and Defense Minister von der Leyen.

Foreign Minister Steinmeier

Steinmeier Condemns Terrorist Attack on School in Pakistan

"I condemn this criminal attack in the strongest possible terms. The appalling cowardice of taking children as hostages and murdering them goes beyond anything that Pakistan, which has been afflicted by terror and violence for years, has experienced to date."


Germany Ranked 5th in Digital Economy

For the second year in a row, Germany was ranked fifth and continues to improve, particularly in when it comes to training IT experts. It jumped from 6th to 4th in the world for STEM education and is also placed 6th for accessibility of high tech training.


Economic Sentiment Skyrockets To Close Out 2014

Germany’s economy is closing out the year on a positive note, with economic and investor sentiment reaching the highest levels since May. After seven months of steady decline, the ZEW indicator of Economic jumped 23.4 points in December, settling at 34.9.

Ebola training in Würzburg

Germany's Contribution in the Fight Against Ebola

Germany is continuously expanding its assistance and support for the countries affected by the Ebola virus. The objective is to isolate Ebola, not the affected countries.

International Human Rights Day

International Human Rights Day

"Respecting and promoting universal and indivisible human rights is an essential element of our policy – both at home and abroad," Foreign Minister Steinmeier said. Germany's Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Joachim Rücker, has just been elected  President of the UN Human Rights Council for 2015.


Letters to Himmelpfort: German Kids Send Wish Lists to Santa

In Germany, plenty of children believe in Santa Claus - or the Weihnachtsmann, as they call him. And as the countdown to Christmas begins, they start writing their wish lists, asking Santa and his elves to bring them the new toys they've been dreaming of all year.

Group B

Women’s National Team Gears Up for World Cup

Women’s National Team coach Silvia Neid was in Canada last week to draw for the World Cup group stages. The team landed in Group B alongside Thailand, the Ivory Coast, and longtime rival Norway.


Word of the Week: Lebkuchen

You've probably had it - or know what it is; Lebkuchen is a German delicacy commonly found at German-style Christmas markets, as well as other festivals and events. But do you know the origins of the word Lebkuchen? They can be traced back hundreds of years!


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