1. Bundeswehr The Fight Against ISIS: Cabinet Gets Bundeswehr Mandate Under Way
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  3. Angela Merkel Chancellor Merkel at COP21: "We Must Act Today"

The Fight Against ISIS: Cabinet Gets Bundeswehr Mandate Under Way

Up to 1,200 German soldiers are to support the international alliance in the fight against the terrorist militia group Islamic State (ISIS). This decision was approved by the Federal Cabinet on December 1st. The German Bundestag still has to give its approval.

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2015 Germany.info Advent Calendar

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Angela Merkel

Chancellor Merkel at COP21: "We Must Act Today"

The Chancellor is pushing for an agreement to be reached "that is ambitious, comprehensive, fair and binding". The aim must be to keep global warming down to a rise of no more than two degrees Celsius, said Angela Merkel at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

A Message From the Ambassador

Ambassador Wittig's Monthly Video Message

Ambassador Wittig films a monthly video on current events in Germany and the US. With the Paris Climate Conference beginning, the focus this month is on climate change and Germany's energy transition.

Federal Foreign Office

Keeping Art in Focus at the Federal Foreign Office

The Federal Foreign Office will now host artists-in-residence at its headquarters in Berlin. Detlef Waschkau, a 54 year old artist from Hannover, was the self-proclaimed “pilot project” of the artist program.

Berlin pays tribute to victims of Paris attacks

"Our Free Life is Stronger Than Any Terrorism"

Germany stands shoulder to shoulder with France, Chancellor Merkel said in the wake of the horrific attacks. "We will fight by your side against those who have inflicted such inconceivable suffering on you."

Washington & Jefferson College

Universities Across the US Participate in German Campus Weeks Program

Across the United States, universities are bringing a piece of Germany to their campuses. By participating in this year's German Campus Weeks program, they are teaching students about German culture, politics and history through interactive activities such as German movie nights, essay contests, Oktoberfest celebrations, soccer games, panel discussions and exhibits.

State funeral of Helmut Schmidt

Final Farewell for Former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

Dignitaries from around the world gathered in Hamburg today to say the final goodbye to Helmut Schmidt, Germany's Chancellor from 1974-1982. The state funeral for Schmidt, who was 96 when he passed away on November 10, was held St Michael’s Church in Hamburg.

Ambassador Peter Wittig

Ambassador Wittig: Climate Protection, A Transatlantic Reason for Optimism

Ambassador Peter Wittig has written a blog post published in the Huffington Post on the upcoming Climate Conference in Paris.

yellow ribbon

Gold Band Project Comes to Washington

Ambassador Wittig and the head of the Embassy defense Attaché, Brigadier General Dirk Backen, joined the Gold Band project this week at the Embassy. They yellow ribbons that will be sent overseas as a show of support for German troops.

Migrants on a road in Slovenia

EU Measures to Help Migrants & Better Manage Balkans Route

EU leaders meeting on Sunday agreed on a 17-point plan of action, including opening 100,000 new spaces for temporary shelter and care along the Western Balkans route.


German Air Force at Dulles

The unassuming building of the German air force base at Dulles is marked only by a German flag and a brightly painted black, red, and gold guard house. A total of six soldiers are stationed at Dulles for the arrival of military and government aircraft and three are in charge of the planes.


Word of the Week: Kabelsalat

If there's one thing Germans really despise, it's having an unappealing Kabelsalat growing in the corner of their homes. Literally translated, this German word means “cable salad” and refers to a tangled mess of electrical cords that can quickly become overwhelming.


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Ambassador Peter Wittig

Ambassador Peter Wittig

Peter Wittig is the German Ambassador to the United States.

Celebrating 25 Years of German Unity

25 Years German Unity

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Skills Initiative

Skills Initiative

The Skills Initiative works to introduce the German style dual training system in the US.

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Transatlantic Climate Bridge

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