1. German fans You're Invited! Join us for the World Cup Finale in the National Portrait Gallery/Smithsonian American Art Museum!
  2. Foreign Minister Steinmeier Foreign Minister Steinmeier on Transatlantic Relations
  3. Historical documents Belated Honors for a Resistance Fighter
German fans

You're Invited! Join us for the World Cup Finale in the National Portrait Gallery/Smithsonian American Art Museum!

The German Embassy together with The Smithsonian American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery cordially invite you to a showing of the Germany vs. Argentina game this Sunday, July 13 at 3:00 PM in the museums’ Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard.

Foreign Minister Steinmeier

Foreign Minister Steinmeier on Transatlantic Relations

“Our decision to call on the local representative of the U.S. intelligence services to leave Germany is the right decision, a necessary step, and an appropriate response to the breach of trust that has occurred. Drawing consequences from this was unavoidable. We need and expect a partnership that is based on trust.  We want to foster an open exchange of views with the United States which also does not stop at difficult issues, as has been the case in the past."

Historical documents

Belated Honors for a Resistance Fighter

Ilse Stöbe, a Foreign Office employee who fought against the National Socialist regime as a member of the communist resistance and and was executed in 1942, is the first woman to be named on the Federal Foreign Office’s list of resistance fighters.

Federal Foreign Office in Berlin

Steinmeier on Presidential Elections in Afghanistan

"The people in Afghanistan have courageously defied threats and violence, and turned out in large numbers for the two rounds of elections. It is their right that the allegations of extensive vote rigging are swiftly investigated and completely clarified."

Visiting a German plant in Chengdu

Merkel's Trip to China: Focus on Innovations

The underlying theme of her visit to China was cooperation: alongside business and technology, one important issue was the development of society.

4645 Reservoir Road NW

Embassy Renovation Both Modernizes and Preserves an Iconic Design

While preserving the design of architect Egon Eiermann was of utmost importance, the modernization was designed to showcase state-of-the-art German environmental and energy technology.


Consumer Climate Brightens in Germany

Consumer mood in Germany is expected to brighten in the month of July. The forecast, which was originally predicted by GfK Marketing Group to rise by 8.6 points, is now expected to rise by 8.9 points.

city of trees

Frankfurt Receives "European City of Trees" Award

Frankfurt has won the 2014 "European City of Trees" award, marking the first time that a German city has received the honor. The title, which has been awarded annually since 2007, recognizes cities that demonstrate exceptional preservation of their trees and greenery.

Berlin Fashion Week

Fashion Week Takes Over Berlin

Germany’s Capital has been transformed this week for the biannual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The summer 2014 show has fashionistas on the lookout for ethical and eco designs, and designers in Berlin were quick to deliver.

Alexander Calder, Art Car 1975

BMW Art Car Collection Featured in New Book

Beginning in 1975 with a design by sculptor Alexander Calder, the BMW Art Car Collection has grown to include works by 17 contemporary artists, including Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, to name just a few.

Internationales Parlamentsstipendium (IPS)

International Parliamentary Scholarship

The International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS) gives young people from 28 countries an up-close perspective on German democracy via a three-month internship in the office of a Member of the Bundestag, as well as academic seminars and cultural activities over the program's five-month duration.


Word of the Week: Honigkuchenpferd

If you've got a big dorky grin across your face, a German might tell you that you're grinning like a Honigkuchenpferd - a "honey-cake-horse." Basically, a horse-shaped honey cake. But why the strange comparison?


More News

Ambassador Peter Wittig

Ambassador Peter Wittig

Peter Wittig is the German Ambassador to the United States.

Fall of the Wall

Fall of the Wall

The year 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall - a monumental day in German history.

Skills Initiative

Skills Initiative

The Skills Initiative works to introduce the German style dual training system in the US.

Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Learn more about the initiative and about German energy policy and the energy transition here.

Consulate Finder

German Missions in the United States

Find out which German Mission can assist you by using our Consulate Finder.