1. Foreign Minister Steinmeier Reviving arms control in Europe
  2. Death of Former President Walter Scheel
  3. Organic farm stand US-EU Organic Trade Discussions
Foreign Minister Steinmeier

Reviving arms control in Europe

In a personalized article published on project-syndicate.org on August 26th German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier argues for reviving arms control in Europe.

Death of Former President Walter Scheel

Organic farm stand

US-EU Organic Trade Discussions

Earlier this month, the German Chamber of Commerce organized an organic multi-city transatlantic dialogue on agriculture in Germany and Austria in collaboration with the Foreign Agricultural Service of the USDA office in Berlin. From August 9-11, speakers from the U.S. organic sector as well as two representatives from the Organic Trade Association traveled to Berlin, Munich, and Vienna as a TTIP outreach program to emphasize the United States’ commitment to the organic market.


Changes in the U.S. Visa Waiver Program and ESTA

Please check the website of the German Federal Foreign Office to learn more about the recent changes to the U.S. Visa Waiver Program and ESTA.

Important Information

New Registration Guidelines now in place for Germany

Germany has implemented new registration rules for landlords and all individuals taking up residence in Germany, including foreign nationals.

New registration guidelines now in place for Germany [pdf, 205.13k]

Ambassador Peter Wittig

Ambassador Wittig in Huffington Post on NATO

Ambassador Peter Wittig talked recently with Huffington Post Foreign Affairs Reporter Akbar Shahid Ahmed about the importance of the NATO alliance and how it is facing today's challenges.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Second Quarter Economic Results

The state of German GDP has been given a hesitantly positive health-check by Federal Statistics Office Destasis.

Gamers at Gamescom 2016

Gamescom Takes Cologne By Storm

Under the theme of “Heroes in New Dimensions”, 345,000 gamers gathered in Cologne this past week to try out and purchase the latest in gaming software at the city’s yearly Gamecom trade fair. This year, the fair attracted guests from 97 countries and broke their own record by welcoming vendors from 877 companies from around the world.

German Security Council candidature logo

Germany’s candidacy for a seat on the Security Council in 2019/20

Germany is seeking to become a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Foreign Minister Steinmeier announced the candidacy for 2019/20 in Hamburg on Monday (27 June). The elections are expected to take place at the General Assembly in June 2018.

Merkel and Obama at NATO Warsaw Summit in early July

Merkel and Obama Phone Call: International Terrorism, Ukraine

Chancellor Merkel and President Obama underscored that they want to continue to fight international terrorism together resolutely.

Winners of the International German Olympics 2016

Students from 60 Countries Take Part in German Language Olympics

From Brazil to Sweden and from Japan to Cameroon, 125 young people from over 60 countries travelled to Berlin for the International German Olympics, the largest German-language competition in the world.

Chairperson-in-Office Foreign Minister Steinmeier

Germany’s OSCE Chairmanship in 2016

Among the focuses of Germany's chairmanship of the OSCE in 2016 is continued crisis and conflict management in and around Ukraine and in the other unresolved conflicts in the OSCE area.

Biking along river routes

Biking Germany's Great Rivers

When it comes to choosing a route, both hardcore cycle tourists and day-trippers seek the same kind of territory. They like to pedal through rural landscapes with rivers, lakes and views of the sea.  We profile three routes that offer all of the above.


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Word of the Week: Schneidersitz

When you're sitting cross-legged, what do you call that position? The English language lacks a noun to describe it, but in German, that's the so-called Schneidersitz ("tailor's sitting position").

Ambassador Peter Wittig

Ambassador Peter Wittig

Peter Wittig is the German Ambassador to the United States.

Skills Initiative

Skills Initiative

The Skills Initiative works to introduce the German style dual training system in the US.

Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Learn more about the initiative and about German energy policy and the energy transition here.

Consulate Finder

German Missions in the United States

Find out which German Mission can assist you by using our Consulate Finder.