1. Gabriel at Munich Security Conference Gabriel in Munich: We Must Not Abandon Europe
  2. Biathlete Laura Dahlmeier Germans Top the Podium at Biathlon World Championships
  3. Frank-Walter Steinmeier Frank-Walter Steinmeier Elected Federal President
Gabriel at Munich Security Conference

Gabriel in Munich: We Must Not Abandon Europe

In his speech at the Munich Security Conference, Foreign Minister Gabriel spoke about how to develop a stronger and more confident Europe that is willing to shoulder more responsibility.

Biathlete Laura Dahlmeier

Germans Top the Podium at Biathlon World Championships

When the 2017 Biathlon World Championships came to a close in Hochfilzen, Austria, German athletes went home with eight medals. Laura Dahlmeier walked away with a record five gold medals and one silver!

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Frank-Walter Steinmeier Elected Federal President

Germany inspires other people, not because everything is great here, Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in his acceptance speech, but because the country has shown that things can get better, that peace can come after wars, that reconciliation can follow division, that after ideological frenzy political reason can set in.

German G20 Presidency 2017

Shaping an Interconnected World: Germany's G20 Presidency 2017

"Shaping an interconnected world": That is the motto of Germany’s G20 Presidency in 2017. The highlight of the Presidency will be the leaders’ summit on July 7 and 8, 2017, in Hamburg.

(l-r) Holger Mahnicke, Head of the Communications and Culture Department of the German Embassy Washington; Dr. Margot Käßmann, Special Envoy for the Reformation Anniversary; Dr. Simone Lässig, Director of the German Historical Institute; and The Rev. Dr. Olaf Wassmuth of the German Lutheran Church Washington, D.C.

Special Envoy for the Reformation Anniversary Discusses its Meaning Today

Special Envoy Dr. Margot Käßmann discussed how Germany is approaching the 2017 Reformation quincentennial in the present day context on Feb. 15 at a joint event of the German Historical Institute and the German Embassy in Washington, DC.

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Deadline for Applications for One-Time Payment to Former Soviet Prisoners of War to Expire September 30, 2017

The period of time in which to submit an application ends this year on September 30, 2017. Members of the Soviet armed forces who were detained as prisoners of war by Germany during the Second World War in the period from June 22, 1941, to May 8, 1945, may apply for a one-time payment in the amount of 2,500 euros.


Toy Drones Make an Appearance at the 68th Annual Toy Fair in Nuremberg

Multicopters, often also referred to as drones, have been becoming increasingly popular not only with adults, but also with children and teenagers. These "toys" are a highlight at the 68th annual toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany.

A scene from Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" © Courtesy of Kino International

Lights! Camera! Action!

Germany is a country of film legends. In the 1920s, Berlin's famed Babelsberg studios was one of Hollywood's top competitors. Today, a new generation of filmmakers is winning international acclaim with smart takes on tough topics.

Zero Waste becoming a trend

The Good Food Tackles Food Waste in Grocery Stores

Often at the forefront of ecological innovation, Germany has once again touched new ground by opening its first supermarket, The Good Food, to sell only waste food.


Word of the Week: Kater

If you've ever drank too much in one night, you're surely familiar with the headaches and nausea that plague you the next morning. In English, we call this a "hangover". In German, however, it is called a Kater.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Do you speak German?

Engaging with the German language encourages dialogue, exchange and cooperation between people and cultures. Check out our updated information!


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