Speakers' Bureau

If you are an educational or business organization looking for a speaker or panelist on German foreign policy, on German domestic or economic policy or on German-American relations, we would be pleased to help you. Our services are free of charge.

Consul General Dr. Ralf Horlemann and
Deputy Consul General Mr. Helmut Landes

enjoy meeting people and would be happy to give talks and answer questions about Germany.

In addition to these two resident 'generalist' speakers, the Consulate General also arranges speaking tours for visiting German scholars and journalists, who are specialists in a particular field of public policy.

If you need a speaker please send an e-mail to  bost%27%diplo%27%de,contact and tell us about

  • your organization
  • the date and time of your event
  • its nature and audience
  • the content and format of the presentation.

Even if you are not planning for a specific event, organizations are always welcome to register their interest in hosting a speaker at some date still to be determined.

You can also call the Consul General's assistant at (617) 369-4914.

Press Releases

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The Press Department sends out press releases on a regular basis, drawing particular attention to selected news, interviews, statements, and speeches.

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