Germany in the New England States

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German American Business Associations

These associations act as a link between German and American companies fostering business and commerce between the United States and Germany.

German American Business Associations

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German Schools, German Language Schools and German Classes

Are you looking for a preschool or playgroup where your child can learn to speak German? Are you considering the German International School for your child? Are you interested in taking courses on German language and culture?

Here you will find information on institutions in the New England Area.

Schools and Language Classes

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German Clubs and Stammtische

German Clubs are important links for Germans living overseas and their Germany home and heritage. Located in the different States of our administrative district, these organizations have taken on the responsability to maintain and nurture German Culture and to pass it on to future generations. In support of this goal they organize festivals, concerts and choral groups.

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German Specialties

Get a taste of Germany at these Restaurants, Delis and Bakeries serving German cuisine and food items.

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German Bookshops and Media

Miss your daily newspaper from Germany? Want to listen to German Radio or looking for a book by a German author?

Here you can find information on how to find German Books, Newspapers and German Media Coverage. 

Der Dom in Aachen

Church Services in German

Church Services in German or by German speaking pastors provide a sense of belonging and insure the integration of members into the local church and society.