The Consul General, the Sections of the Consulate General, and Contact Information

Consul General Herbert Quelle

Head of Mission

Consul General Herbert Quelle is Germany's representative in the Midwest.

His mission is to promote German-American economic relations, present Germany as a modern European country, give Germans advice and assistance, foster bilateral cultural relations and engage in the German-Jewish dialogue.

Personal assistant: Daniela Endres

No inquiries in consular or legal matters. For such inquiries, please refer to the telephone numbers listed below in the "Legal and Consular Department" section.


At the Exhibition; Weserburg Museum

Cultural and Press Section

The Consulate General informs the media and the public about modern Germany and aims to foster the cultural ties between Germany and the Midwest of the United States. Working in close cooperation with...


Economic Section

The Economic Section provides support for German interests in economic, technological, scientific and environmental affairs and in particular follows the macro-economic development in the administrati...


Legal and Consular Section

The Legal and Consular Section is the passport office for German citizens residing in the 13 federal states within the administrative district of the Consulate General in Chicago. US citizens as well ...

German Consulate General

Administrative Section

Consul Nikolaus Beste and his team are responsible for the management of the Consulate's day-to-day operations. The tasks include the responsibility for the Consulate's personnel, business, communicat...

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