Consul General and Departments

The Consul General

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The Consulate General in Houston is headed by Consul General Thomas H. MEISTER

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Political Department

The Political Department provides the German Federal Government with a timely and comprehensive view of US foreign and domestic policy.  In addition, it informs its American partners about German political developments, particularly in foreign policy, as do German think tanks affiliated with Germany's main political parties through their offices in Washington.

Gemäldegalerie Berlin

Cultural Department

The Cultural Department opens windows that shed light on German culture, promotes the German language and German studies in the United States and supports exchange programs.  It works together with several German non-profit institutions – among them the Goethe-Institut, the German Historical Institute and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Deutscher Zukunftspreis Lichtmikroskop

Economics and Science Department

The Economics and Science Department fosters German interests in economic, commercial, financial, agricultural, technological, scientific and environmental affairs in the United States and serves  as an information broker about Germany.  It works with, for example, the German American Chambers of Commerce, the German American Business Council or the Representative of German Industry and Trade. 


Consular and Legal Section

The Consular and Legal Section provides visa services for those who would like to travel to Germany, as well as a range of services for German citizens. It keeps track of legal issues in America that are of interest to Germany.

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Press Department

The Press Department is the first stop for American journalists and German correspondents seeking up-to-date information about current government positions or to interview visiting German officials when they are in Washington to meet with their counterparts.

Consul General and Departments

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German Information Center USA

The German Information Center USA is the Embassy’s center of public diplomacy expertise. It provides information to all Americans concerning German politics, business and cultural affairs upon request.  The GIC also develops and implements public diplomacy campaigns, along with other German institutions in the United States, that aim to inspire Americans to find out more about modern Germany.

Administrative District

Administrative District

The German Consulate provides services for Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas such as issuing visas to foreigners living in the US and, in some cases to US citizens, who wish to travel to Germany.

It also issues passports to German citizens who reside in this jurisdiction, and offers limited legal and emergency assistance to German citizens.

To represent and promote German culture the Consulate cooperates closely with the Goethe Institut  in New York and Atlanta.

In the same way it cooperates with the German American Chamber of Commerce to foster commercial relations.

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