Apply for a German Passport and/or German ID Card in Los Angeles

Information for German citizens who do not speak German

The following web page contains only the most important information about German passports and is meant for the very few German citizens who do not speak German.

To access the German version of this web page for complete information about German passports, please follow the link below. 

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Please Read ALL Information Below BEFORE Scheduling Your Appointment

  • German passports are now biometric and require fingerprints to be stored in the passport. All passport applicants are required to schedule an appointment through our FREE online system as well as submit their applications in person.
  • Passport applications received by mail can no longer be processed.
  • Only temporary passports for adults (issued in cases of emergencies only) can still be applied for by mail. Fingerprints are not required for these passports.
  • Passports issued before November 1, 2007 are valid until their date of expiration. If your passport is still valid, it is not necessary to apply for a new passport.
  • In certain cases, e.g. when you wish to include a name change in your passport, register the birth/name of your child, or when your passport is long expired, it may be necessary to present further documentation.
  • In order to avoid any delays, please completely fill out the application, submit proper passport photos (see passport photos below) and provide all necessary documents including three copies of each.

Passport Appointment for Applicants in California

All applicants residing in the California counties of Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura are now required to personally apply for a passport at the Consulate General in Los Angeles. Please use our FREE online appointment system to schedule your Passport appointment; make an appointment for each family member. Appointments may be booked a minimum of one week to a maximum of nine weeks in advance. 

Passport Appointment for Applicants in AZ, CO, NV, and UT

Applicants residing in the above states can now apply for a passport through the German Honorary Consul responsible for their state. Please note that when applying for a passport through an Honorary Consul, additional fees will apply. Please contact the Honorary Consul directly to make your appointment. (See link below.)

ID card

Apply for German ID Card

You can now apply for a German ID card separately or at the same time you apply for a German passport or passport renewal. (Currently not available through Honorary Consuls, only the Consulate General.) If you would like to apply for a German ID card:

  • schedule an appointment through through our FREE online system
  • use the passport application form and check the box "Personalausweis"  
  • submit all documents required for a passport application. 

The fee for a German ID is approximately $80.00. To make an appointment and for documents needed, please see passport information above. To view a fact sheet on the German ID card follow link below.

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Passport Photos

There are specific requirements for passport photos. (Please see link below for sample photos.)

If your photos do not comply with these requirements, or you do not yet have photos, there is a user-friendly photo booth in the Consular Section waiting room, where you can take your photos.

Costs: $ 5 for four photos.

This service is provided by a private company and the Consulate General can not assume responsibility for this service.

Please allow enough time before your designated appointment to take your pictures so that you do not forfeit your time slot.