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The following directory provides you with an alphabetical overview of the services and information we offer. Please note the regional specifications to the right of the general overview. 

The Consulate General Los Angeles can only provide those services to residents in its area of jurisdiction in the California counties of Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura and the States of Arizona (AZ), Colorado (CO), Nevada (NV) and Utah (UT).  If you do not live in this region, please contact the mission that is responsible for your area. To find out which German mission in the US can assist you, please use our Consulate Finder.

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Visa, Passport, Legal

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Regional Specifications for the Consulate General Los Angeles

All passport and visa applicants must schedule an appointment! 

Honorary Consuls

Did you know that some of the legal and consular services we offer can also be delivered by an honorary consul?

Honorary Consuls in the Area

German-Speaking Doctors, Lawyers, Translators


Looking for a German-spreaking doctor, require legal assistance or need help with translations? Check out our non-haustive listings provided for your convenience.

Consular Services : Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a question about our consular services? Take a moment to have a look at our FAQs before you call or send an e-mail. You might find the answer to your question right there.

Electronic Registration for German Citizens

German citizens living in the consulate's jurisdiction can now voluntarily register to be added to the consulate's contact list.