Citizenship & Family Law

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Please submit applications of the following categories via mail:

  • Application to retain the German citizenship
  • Application for naturalization according to Article 116
     par. 2 of the Basic Law
  • Family matters, i.e. registration of birth, marriage, name
     declarations, acknowledgment of divorce

Please do not call to ask for the current status of your matter, especially with regard to passport and visa inquiries. We will inform you as soon as your document is ready for pick-up or we will send it to you upon agreement.

Please note that for all other legal and consular matters (incl. passport, ID Card and Visa applications, citizenship matters, other family law matters, certifications (of signatures, fotocopies, good conduct), you have to make an appointment through the online appointment system.

To avoid appointments in wrong categories, be advised to schedule an appointment on a PC and not by smartphone or tablet.

Thank you for your understanding.

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How to book an appointment

Please bring all relevant documents as well as a valid ID with you. 

Any applicable fees can be paid in cash (USD) or by credit card (Master/Visa) in EUR.