Passport Procedures in San Francisco

passport of the Federal Republic of Germany Enlarge image (© picture alliance / dpa Themendie)

Passport applications can now be submitted :

in Anchorage
Honorary Consul
Michael J. Jensen
Tel. (907) 277 8000
in  Denver
Honorary Consul
Paul T. Maricle
Tel. (720) 381 1319
in Honolulu
Honorary Consul
Denis Salle
Tel. (808) 377 4606
in Portland
Honorary Consul
Robert T. Manicke
Tel. (503) 222 0490
in Seattle
Honorary Consul
Uli Fischer
Tel. (206) 569 8270

Please note that additional fees will be incurred for passport applications lodged with an Honorary Consul. These fees are always 65 Euros (about 90 US$) and occasionally an additional minimum amount of 10 Euros (about 14 US$) for copies certified by the Honorary Consul.

All fees are payable in US$.

The German Consulate General in San Francisco will request original documents. PLUS one copy at time of application also copies of passport, permanent residence card and driver license. 

Please, be aware that we are unable to provide copies.

For payment we accept cash or credit cards as Visa and Mastercard.Thank you

Applications by mail for a regular German passport can no longer be processed.

Passports issued before Nov. 1, 2007 without fingerprints stay valid until the expiration date.

Applications will be accepted by appointment only.

Appointmentsystem of the Foreign Office

German Law Governing the Use of Names

German nationals are subject to German law with respect to the use of a name.  The possible names which may be used under German law may deviate from those entered in American vital records or identification documents.

Information about credit card payment in passport matters:

With immedate effect this Consulate General also accepts payment by credit card of fees incurred in passport matters.

The Consulate General accepts Visa, Master, or American Express Cards for payments of up to 1000 EUR.

Please note that all credit card payments are final and cannot be disputed.

The payment will be made in EURO. It might be possible that your bank or credit card provider charges you extra for making payments in a foreign currency.

Refunds of fees will not made through your credit card.