Ambassador and Embassy Departments and Sections


Ambassador Peter Wittig is Germany's highest-ranking representative to the US government. His main tasks are to represent German interests in the United States and to foster and deepen German-American relations in the political, economic and cultural spheres.

Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM)

The Ambassador is supported in his role by the Deputy Chief of Mission, who represents the Ambassador inside and outside the Embassy in all areas. He handles coordination and general personnel matters as well as particular political issues.

Deputy Chief of Mission: Boris Ruge

Political Department

The Political Department informs the federal government about developments in American foreign and domestic policy and explains the political situation in Germany, in particular foreign-policy issues, to its American partners. It also coordinates German government positions with U.S. policies. The Political Department furthermore organizes visits to the U.S. capital by high-ranking German political officials.

Head of Department: Helga Barth

Economics and Science Department

The Economics and Science Department is responsible for a broad range of policy areas, including economics, finance, industry, trade, investment, energy, environment, climate change, science & technology, labor, health, transport and agriculture. It represents German interests in the United States and reports to the German government on developments in the USA.

Head of Department: Peter Rondorf

Communications and Culture Department

Press Section, German Information Center USA, Cultural Section

Head of Department: Holger Mahnicke

Press Section

The Press Section is responsible for presenting German domestic and foreign policies to the American public. It maintains close contacts with American journalists and is a main information source for the numerous German correspondents working in the United States.

The Press Section manages, the joint website of the Embassy in Washington, the German Information Center and the eight Consulates General in the United States.

Head of Section: Holger Mahnicke

German Information Center USA

The German Information Center USA is the Embassy’s center for public diplomacy. It offers a broad selection of information to Americans and promotes greater understanding of Germany through special events, campaigns, partnerships with nonprofit organizations and participation in conferences and major gatherings.

Director: Stefan Buchwald

Cultural Section

The Cultural Section offers a window onto Germany’s rich and varied cultural life. It works together with its partners, which includes the Goethe Institut, to keep many people in the U.S. connected to our country and enable them to learn the German language. Through exchange programs, it helps young Americans personally get to know Germany, its culture, landscapes, cities and people. In this effort, it works with numerous institutions in the U.S. and Germany – among them, the German Historical Institute in Washington, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Consular and Legal Section

The Legal and Consular Department of the Embassy offers consular services and information for German citizens and visa applicants within the consular district of the Embassy (Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Washington D.C.). The Legal and Consular Department of the Embassy follows current developments, especially in the area of international law, as well as civil- and criminal law. In addtion the department also serves as an imformation provider on constitutional and other judicial questions to government institutions in the US.

Head of Section: Holger Scherf

Defense Attaché Staff

The Defense Attaché Staff is responsible for sharing information between the US Department of Defense and the German Ministry of Defense. The Army, Navy and Air Force are all represented within the Defense Attaché Staff.

Defense Attaché: Rear Admiral Thomas Ernst


The Embassy’s Administration handles personnel matters, IT services, transport and all other day-to-day issues.

Head of Administration: Martina Christopherson

Ambassador & Departments

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