Visa Appointment Procedure

Important information: The Embassy has relocated back to our building at 4645 Reservoir Road, Washington, DC 20007.

In order to apply for a visa at the German Embassy you must schedule an appointment.

The Consular and Legal Department is open to the public Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., except on selected German and American Holidays (consult "Official Holidays / Closures" on the right hand side).

To make an appointment to apply for a visa, please use our FREE online appointment system.

Online Appointment System

Travelers at an airport Enlarge image (© Colourbox) All appointments are scheduled through our FREE online system. Once you have made an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with your reference number, date and time of your appointment. You will also receive information on what supporting documentation to bring. We recommend you read the information carefully in order to be fully prepared for your appointment.
All applications must be submitted in person. Please note that your appointment will be cancelled if you miss your assigned slot by more than 20 minutes.

At this time, holders of U.S. travel documents issued as refugee travel documents do not require a visa to travel to Germany for tourism, transit, or business. Please note that the document must be valid for at least four months upon arrival in Germany, this only applies to Germany, as other countries of the Schengen agreement may require you to hold a visa. This may be subject to change, therefore check for changes on this website before each trip. As this exception may not be known to some airlines or immigration officers, we suggest you print this information and take it with you. The printout quotes the address of this website and the date, enabling you and others to verify the information and to check if the printout is up to date.

Holders of U.S. travel documents issued as Permit to Reenter need a visa based on their nationality.

Visa Appointments

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Official Holidays/Closures in 2014

The Embassy and the Legal and Consular Department will be closed on the following German and American holidays in 2014:

December 24: Christmas Eve

December 25: Christmas

December 26: Second day of Christmas

December 31: New Year's Eve

Official Holidays/Closures in 2015

The Embassy and the Legal and Consular Department will be closed on the following German and American holidays:

January 1New Years Day
February 16President's Day
April 3
Good Friday
April 6
Easter Monday
May 25Memorial Day
July 3
Independence Day
September 7
Labor Day
November 26Thanksgiving Day
December 24Christmas Eve

December 25

Christmas Day

December 31

New Year's Eve