Admission to German Labor Market

The Federal Employment Agency ("Bundesagentur für Arbeit") offers a perspective to foreign skilled workers in Germany. However, immigration from countries outside of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland - meaning from the so-called third countries - must also be responsible regarding labor market and integration policy.

For this reason, an overview of professions in which the employment of third-country nationals in Germany is basically possible has been developed on the legal basis of Section 6 (2) Sentence 1 No. 2 of the Employment Regulation ("Beschäftigungsverordnung"), the so-called Whitelist.

Helpful and detailed information on finding a job and moving to Germany is provided below.

Dental technician

Recognition in Germany of Foreign Professional Qualifications

The website "Recognition in Germany" provides up-to-date information on whether, how and where you can have your foreign professional qualification recognized and certified in Germany.

Make It In Germany

Welcome to a Job in Germany

A new website called “Make it in Germany” aims to answer all of your questions about working in Germany, while providing you with testimonials from those who have already made it there, as well as insight into how they did so.

Engine production and test

PuMa - Points-Based Model Project for Foreign Skilled Workers

Further information about the project.