Change of Residence on a German Passport or Identity Card

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Change of Residence on a German Passport or Identity Card

The change of your residence on your passport or identity card can be done in person or via mail. For this purpose, please send/bring:

  • your German passport or identity card (original)
  • deregistration from Germany (when moving from Germany or when the German place of residence is still stated in the German passport/ID card)
  • proof of residence in the US (e.g. "utility bill" or bank statement)
  • a self-addressed pre-paid envelope, if mailing is requested
  • application for change of residence Application form [pdf, 208.07k]

If you come in person, please bring all of the above mentioned documents with you during the opening hours of the German mission responsible for your home state. Please note that some German missions require you to schedule an appointment beforehand. You can find out whether or not you need an appointment by consulting our Consulate Finder: 

Consulate Finder

The change of residence on the German passport/ID Card is free of charge.

Please bear in mind that while living abroad the foreign address will not be entered into the German identity card. If you are deregistered in Germany, your German address will be changed into: "Keine Hauptwohnung in Deutschland" ("no primary residence in Germany").

Please Note: Although the information on this website has been prepared with utmost care, we can not accept any responsibility for inaccuracies contained herein.