Passport Application through an Honorary Consul

Honorarkonsul der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Enlarge image (© Auswärtiges Amt) Since November 1, 2007, the German passport law requires without exception that the German passport with biometric features must be applied for in person. Applications cannot be mailed in anymore.

Responsible for passport applications abroad are the German missions only, i.e. in the US the Embassy in Washington and the 8 Consulates Generals.

Where appropriate and in order to save you a long trip to the Embassy or to a Consulate General, especially in US States without a consular representation, Honorary Consuls are equipped with the necessary hard and software in order to accept passport applications including the biometric data (fingerprints).

Apart from the regular passport fees and shipping cost for mailing the new passport, additional fees will incur for the applicant: 35 Euros to determine the identity of the applicant, 20 Euros for signature certification on the passport application and if needed, 10 Euros for the certification of photocopies of up to 10 pages. An additional 19 Euros will be charged by the Honorary Consul to forward the application documents to the appropriate German Consular Mission. The German Mission will review your passport application and process it further. In case of questions (e.g. with regards to your citizenship or name declaration), you will be contacted directly by the Embassy/Consulate and not the Honorary Consul.

Please bear in mind that the fees are calculated in Euros, however when applying through the Honorary Consul, it can only be paid in cash in US-Dollars at the current exchange rate of the German mission. The fee cannot be paid with credit card or in cash in Euros.

Should a name declaration be required, an additional fee of US$25 for certifying the signature will incur.

Please go to the link below to determine which Honorary Consul in your area can provide these services:

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Nine German Missions throughout the US offer consular services. Each Mission covers a specific geographic region. To find out which Mission can assist you, please use our Consulate Finder.