Life Certificate - "Lebensbescheinigung"

Once a year, pensioners living in the U.S. receive the form “Lebensbescheinigung” (life certificate) requesting confirmation that they are still alive. The pensioner must personally sign this form and have his/her signature certified by an authorized agency or authority of their country of residence.

The certification may be performed by a notary public, a Social Security Administration office, or physician. Other certified authorities are listed on the form.

The Embassy or a Consulate General may also certify a life certificate.

The pensioner must prove his or her identity by presenting a valid ID. This includes a U.S. driver´s license, a senior citizen ID card, or a non-driver´s license. A valid passport may, but does not need to be presented.

If the pensioner is unable to personally sign the life certificate (e.g. due to illness and/or incapacity) please find the information below.

How to Notarize a Life Certificate in Case of Illness and/or Incapacity

If, for some reason, you do not receive the life certificate form, please contact your Pension Fund Office in Germany directly.

Please make sure that your Pension Fund Office always has your present address. If your address has changed, please inform your Pension Fund Office either directly or via the Deutsche Post link below:

Online Notification of Change via Deutsche Post (German language only)

Please note, if the life certificate has not been received by the due date, pension payments will be discontinued.