Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you answer questions about visas and passports?

The Consular and Legal Section is able to answer questions about visas, passports and other legal matters.

Visa, Passport, Legal

In order to locate the German Mission responsible for your area, please use the Consulate Finder.

Consulate Finder

Can you provide me with materials about modern Germany for my school project or event?

Absolutely! We provide packages to students and other Americans for school projects and events. Please use our contact form to request a package of informational materials. Students, don't forget to tell us what grade you are in so that we can send the correct materials!

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Can I tour the German Embassy?

The German Embassy is unable to offer public or private tours as part of its daily routine. However once a year we open our doors to the public as part of the EU Open House. The yearly event takes place in May and more information can be found on the EU Open House website

EU Open House

I am a teacher. Can my students receive an educational briefing?

Please contact us through our contact form for more information about student briefings.

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I am a teacher. How can I receive free materials for my classroom?

The GIC offers a number of free materials that can be useful in the classroom for teachers who need to educate their students about modern Germany. In order to request a packet of materials, please contact us through the contact form.

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How do I take my pet to Germany?

For information about taking domestic pets to Germany, please visit the Pets section of our website.


How many Germans live in America?

German citizens living abroad are not required to register with the German Embassy, so we are unable to say how many German citizens live in America.

I am looking for someone in Germany. Can you help?

The German Embassy is unable to search for private citizens in Germany. To locate an individual in Germany, you might search the German white pages. Exact spellings of names are critical to the search.

How can I find out more about visiting Germany?

Visit our Culture, Lifestyle, Travel section of our website for more information about traveling to Germany. The German National Tourist Office can also provide you with information for your trip to Germany.

Culture, Lifestyle, Travel

German National Tourist Office