Images of East Germany: Then and Now

Germany has changed in many different ways since reunification. Particularly in the five new Länder, far-reaching shifts in the cityscape and landscape can be seen. In Ahrenshoop, Dresden, Görlitz, Schwerin, Bautzen or even the capital Berlin – there has been a lot going on in the twenty years since reunification. This also holds true for the Federal Foreign Office at Werderscher Markt in the heart of Berlin, as the before and after photographs show. These images, which are mainly taken from the 2009 photo exhibition series “1990-2008. Revisiting places between the Baltic Sea and the Erzgebirge” created by the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government, bear witness to the will for change and trust in the future of united Germany.

Then and Now: 1990 – 2008

Map of Germany