The Berlin Wall in the United States

Use our interactive feature to discover the segments of the Berlin Wall in the United States, from Seattle to Orlando. 

Berlin Wall in the USA

Freedom Without Walls © German Embassy Washington

Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung

Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung

The content of this map was provided by The Stiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur, a government-backed foundation that conducts research on the causes, history and impact of dictatorship East Germany. The foundation's work testifies to the injustice of the single-party regime and its victims in order to further the anti-totalitarian consensus within German society as well as to strengthen democracy and German unity.

Traces of the Wall - Relive History in Berlin

Berlin Wall 1961-1989 © picture-alliance/dpa

Within a decade of the wall falling, Berlin achieved something momentous; it became commonplace for Berliners to cross between East and West Berlin without thinking much of it. Today, the city is working to ensure that the world remembers just how extraordinary an every day trip across town can be.