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Transatlantic Relations

German-US Relations

The transatlantic partnership is a basic axiom in German foreign policy. It is no longer merely a matter of security issues, the whole spectrum of global challenges is now the subject of German-US cooperation.

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Doing Business with Germany

Germany is one of the world's leading industrial nations and ranks as one of the world’s three biggest trading nations. With its 82 million inhabitants, it also offers the largest market within the European Union.

Protecting climate and environment

Climate, Energy, Environment

Climate protection, promotion of renewable energy sources and protection of the environment are major focal points of German Government policy. These policies have also become a driving force for German businesses, which are already at the forefront of innovation and job creation in the field.

New Synagogue

Jewish Life in Modern Germany and Historic Responsibility

Germany is profoundly aware of the historic responsibility it bears towards the Jewish community and towards the State of Israel as a result of the crimes of the Nazi regime. Germany is also deeply grateful for the flourishing of Jewish Life in a country where it once seemed unthinkable.


Language, Study and Research

Engaging with the German language encourages dialogue, exchange and cooperation between people and cultures. Whatever it is you want to find in the area of study and exchange to Germany, from degree programs in Germany, to scholarship databases, to study abroad helpful hints, our practical guide is here to assist you.

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