Netzwerk Sprachvergnügen: Funding Opportunities for DaF Projects

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Enlarge image (© Colourbox) The German Embassy Washington, building on the global Deutsch – Sprache der Ideen campaign, initiated the Netzwerk Sprachvergnügen to unite the diverse organizations promoting German language learning in the United States.

Apply for Funding

Members of the Netzwerk Sprachvergnügen can apply for funds the German government devotes to German learning in the U.S. as part of its cultural relations and education policy. Funding is available for projects that directly or indirectly help spread or maintain German as a foreign language and achieve as wide a reach as possible. This includes, for example, projects to create new learning opportunities or to secure the preservation of existing programs, as well as projects offering continuing education and advanced training to educators.

The German Embassy Washington invites all those interested in fostering the German language in the United States to join the Netzwerk Sprachvergnügen. To get involved, please use our online registration form.

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To keep informed about the Netzwerk Sprachvergnügen and get involved, please register using this form.

Netzwerk Sprachvergnügen

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