Word of the Week: Zuckerpass

Jun 17, 2016

soccer Enlarge image (© colourbox.com) The European Championship is in full swing! With one victory against Ukraine and a tie against Poland, the German national team is faring well! In the spirit of soccer, let's take a look at another soccer term that you may hear in Germany.

The term Zuckerpass means "sugar pass" and it refers to a move in soccer that's as sweet as sugar! A "sugar pass" is a skillfully executed pass from one player to another - a pass that is very smooth, calculated or creative. A Zuckerpass is basically the perfect pass - one that makes onlookers say "wow"! Both the player making the pass and the receiver have perfect control of the ball during a Zuckerpass. Sometimes, this type of perfect pass brings the ball closer to the opponent's goal and allows the receiver to score.

Teams that repeatedly make it to championships are also known for having a lot of "sugar passes". After all, if player's aren't passing the ball well, they probably wouldn't be on the world soccer stage anyway. For sports fans, watching a perfect Zuckerpass is like eating a pastry - it's sweet and makes you feel satisfied! That's what good soccer is all about.

By Nicole Glass, Editor of The Week in Germany

© Germany.info

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