Word of the Week: Fallrückzieher

Jun 24, 2016

Fallrückzieher Enlarge image (© picture alliance / CITYPRESS24) As the 2016 European Championship continues, let's take a look at another German soccer word that may come in handy if you're watching the games in German: Fallrückzieher.

This word describes a particular move in which the soccer player throws his body up into the air and backwards, kicking the airborne ball backwards above his head - all without touching the ground. It's a very challenging move and one that receives a lot of attention when properly executed. In English, this move may be called a bicycle kick, overhead kick or scissors kick. In German, it's a Fallrückzieher. This is a combination of the words Fall ("fall"), rück (from rückwarts - "backwards") and zieher (from ziehen - "to pull"). Together, these words describe the movement - a "falling backwards kick".

Fallrückzieher Enlarge image (© picture alliance / Pressefoto UL) One of Germany's most famous Fallrückzieher occurred during the 1982 World Cup semi-final match between West Germany and France, when German striker Klaus Fischer scored a goal with a bicycle kick during overtime. This goal led to a tie, which led to a penalty shootout that ultimately caused Germany to win the game.

A bicycle kick is always impressive, but when it results in a goal, it may be remembered for decades to come.

By Nicole Glass, Editor of The Week in Germany

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