Word of the Week: Hackenporsche

Sep 23, 2016

Hackenporsche Enlarge image (© picture alliance / ZB) A Hackenporsche is best described in images. You've probably seen one, without knowing the colloquial German term for it. It describes a type of shopping scooter that people roll around to transport their groceries in.

The stereotypical image associated with this term is that of an older lady pulling her Hackenporsche behind her. These devices are, in fact, practical for older individuals who need an easier way to transport a heavy load of groceries - especially if they do not have a car. Rather than carry loads of bags, it's much easier to fill up a Hackenporsche and pull the groceries home.

Although older people are usually associated with using a Hackenporsche, anyone can find a use for them. Many Germans live without a car and must therefore find an easy way to bring home their groceries. For many, a Hackenporsche is the answer! But before you buy a Hackenporsche for someone, be aware of the fact that younger generations might find it embarrassing to use one. One of our coworkers recently received a Hackenporsche as a birthday gift, and quickly decided to regift it because she was too young to be using one.

Hackenporsche Enlarge image (© picture alliance / ZB) "I don't want to be seen rolling around a Hackenporsche in my neighborhood," she said. "I would get a lot of looks."

The term itself is a colloquial version of the word Einkaufsroller ("shopping scooter"). The word Hackenporsche is humorous. It comes from the words Hacke (the heel of your foot) and Porsche (a luxury German sports car). Like a Porsche, a shopping scooter is a luxurious alternative to plastic bags. Unfortunately, it can easily slam into the heels of your foot - especially if you are rolling it downhill. So if you buy yourself a Hackenporsche, make sure not to wear sandals!

By Nicole Glass, Editor of The Week in Germany

© Germany.info

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