Word of the Week: Taschenbuch

Oct 21, 2016

Taschenbuch Enlarge image (© picture alliance / Romain Fellen) In honor of the Frankfurt Book Fair, which takes place this week, let's take a look at a word you'll be hearing constantly at the fair: Taschenbuch.

The term comes from the words Tasche ("pocket" or "bag") and Buch ("book") - but it's not a pocketbook. Instead, the word describes a paperback book, which in some cases can even fit in your bag - or your pocket (the word Tasche can mean either). Many books have two versions - a hard-cover format and a paperback (Taschenbuch). The font size is sometimes smaller in the paperback, and overall the book may be much smaller than its counterpart. You can therefore fit a Taschenbuch into your bag with ease!

During the summer, German bookstores will often advertise Taschenbücher as the perfect beach reads. That's because a Taschenbuch will fit into your beach tote perfectly! Who wants to take a bulky hardcover book to the beach?

Taschenbuch Enlarge image (© www.colourbox.com) Kids' books often come in a Taschenbuch format as well. One German book series is called Lustiges Taschenbuch and it features hundreds of comic books for children - all of which are paperbacks.

If you're at the Frankfurt Book Fair, you'll surely see countless Taschenbücher for sale!

By Nicole Glass, Editor of The Week in Germany

© Germany.info

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