Word of the Week: Kaufrausch

Dec 23, 2016

Kaufrausch Enlarge image (© picture alliance / dpa) With Christmas a day away, the stores are filled with last-minute shoppers trying to collect gifts for loved ones. Parking is difficult, stores are overcrowded, lines are long and many items are sold out. This is all due to the so-called Kaufrausch.

The German word Kaufrausch means "shopping spree". It comes from the words kaufen ("to buy") and Rausch ("rush"). 

The word can be used in many contexts. If, for example, someone is seeking retail therapy, that person may be on a spontaneous Kaufrausch by him-or herself on a quiet day at the mall.

Kaufrausch Enlarge image (© www.colourbox.com) In another case, someone may be fighting mobs of shoppers who are all on a Kaufrausch at the same time - like during the holiday season. In November, Black Friday sales also instigate a Kaufrausch across the US.

A person is most likely to go on a Kaufrausch when there are good sales, but it can happen at anytime. So if you're getting ready for a Kaufrausch today, just be aware that you're not the only one!

By Nicole Glass, Editor of The Week in Germany

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