Word of the Week: Schneematsch

Dec 23, 2016

The new year is upon us, and so is the winter! Some of us have already experienced slushy streets as a result of melting snow.

Schneematsch Enlarge image (© picture alliance / dpa) In Germany, there's a word for this kind of slush: Schneematsch.

Directly translated, Schneematsch means "snow mud". It refers to that brown, dirty slush that you find on the streets in the days after it has snowed. While untouched, sparkling snow is beautiful, Schneematsch is quite the contrary. After cars drive over it and pedestrians stomp through it, that clean, white snow quickly turns into a cold, wet and ugly "mud" - one that you don't want to be walking around in.

Schneematsch seeps into your shoes as you walk through it, makes driving more difficult and looks rather ugly.

Schneematsch Enlarge image (© picture alliance / ROLAND SCHLAG) But alas - all of winter's beauty must always come to an end, thus making Schneematsch an unavoidable consequence of snow. You may want to wear your rainboots when the Schnee turns into Schneematsch!

By Nicole Glass, Editor of The Week in Germany

© Germany.info

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