Word of the Week: kalter Kaffee

Sep 29, 2017

Kalter Kaffee der Deutschen Bahn AG Enlarge image (© picture alliance / JOKER) You're meeting up with an old friend and she says she has some gossip for you.

"Bill and Maria broke up!" she says, looking for a reaction from you.

You respond, telling her that is kalter Kaffee. In other words, old news.

The German term kalter Kaffee means "cold coffee", describing a coffee from yesterday - or the day before. But when used as a metaphor, most Germans are not describing their caffeinated beverage. They are describing old news - something that is no longer relevant.

alte, russische Zeitungen von 1989 liegen auf dem maroden Fensterbrett einer verlassenen Kaserne Enlarge image (© picture alliance / Moritz Vennem) If you are slow to find out about something and tell your friends about it, they may respond and tell you that they already know, because that's kalter Kaffee. No one wants to drink a cold coffee - and no one wants to hear old news. So if you have something exciting to share, make sure it's fresh - not from yesterday.

By Nicole Glass, Editor of The Week in Germany

© Germany.info

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