Word of the Week: schmökern

Oct 13, 2017

schmökern Enlarge image (© www.colourbox.com) With the Frankfurt Book Fair currently underway, let's take a look at a unique German word loved by avid readers: schmökern.

The German word schmökern has no English equivalent. It is a verb that describes the act of reading and becoming completely immersed in a book. Saying that schmökern means "to read" would be inaccurate, because it's so much more than just that: schmökern is losing yourself in the pages to such an extent that you forget about the outside world. Most of the time, schmökern is used to describe someone going through a book, but it can sometimes be used to describe someone going through a magazine or other publication too.

In German, you would use the word as follows:

Er schmökert in einem Buch. ("He is completely immersed and lost in a book.")

schökern Enlarge image (© www.colourbox.com) So next time you or someone you know is stopping everything and losing himself in a story, you know how to describe it in German!

By Nicole Glass, Editor of The Week in Germany

© Germany.info

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