Braunschweig: Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum Braunschweig

Dating back to 1746, when Braunschweig court Jew Alexander David started an exhibition of Jewish ritual artifacts in his own private residence, the Jewish Museum in Braunschweig (Lower Saxony) can look upon a history of more than 260 years, making it the oldest Jewish museum in the world.

Today the museum includes the complete original interior of the Hornburg synagogue, which miraculously survived the Third Reich. Furthermore you can find a vast collection of Jewish artifacts and handicrafts, which were collected by Karl Steinacker, who was the first director of the modern museum from 1910 to 1935.

The exhibitions include the Judaica, a collection of sacral artifacts that were collected by Alexander David. You can also find works by famous artist Ephraim Moses Lilien, who lived his final years in Braunschweig

The audio tours that guide you through the museum were designed and programmed by students of a local high school. You can download them from the internet using your smartphone, making a walk through the museum as easy as finding the nearest drug store in your neighborhood.