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Consul General

Rolf Schuette, German Consul General for the New England States in Boston since August 2012. 

Rolf Schuette, who was born in 1953 in the medieval town of Goslar in Central Germany and who studied at Goettingen University (Germany), Ohio University in Athens, and Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center (Italy), has been a career diplomat since 1981 and most recently served as Chief of Protocol and Head of the Directorate for International Relations of the German Federal State of Berlin. 

He has close professional and personal ties to the U.S., lived, studied and worked in Ohio, twice in New York City, in Washington, D.C., and – most recently – for four years (2005-2009) as Consul General in San Francisco. On many private trips he has visited more than 40 U.S. states. 

Former diplomatic assignments abroad took him to Moscow, Tel Aviv, the United Nations in New York, Rome, and San Francisco. He also held several positions in the German Foreign Office in Bonn and Berlin. 

During a sabbatical, Mr. Schuette spent a few months as a visiting scholar at the American Jewish Committee headquarters in New York working on a publication about German-Jewish relations today, a subject which is very dear to him personally and on which he has given many talks. 

Mr. Schuette’s personal interests include walking his dog Blacky, swimming, ballroom dancing, reading, and enjoying nature’s beauty – especially in his native Harz Mountains, on the German North Sea island of Sylt, and in the American national parks, his favorite holiday destination.

Curriculum Vitae

A chronological curriculum of the Consul General is available here.


Legal and Consular Department
The Legal and Consular Section provides advice and assistance in all matters of German public administration, such as questions of nationality, the registration of births & marriages (Apostille) or the issuance of passports and registration documents. Additional services cover notarization & inheritance matters, German pensions, social security and restitution affairs. Within the Consular Service, the Visa Department is responsible for the issuance of visa.

mail to:telephone:
legal matters 617-369-4903
german passports 617-369-4904
visas 617-369-4905
pensions 617-369-4925

Science Department

The Science and Technology Section fosters German interests in technology, science and research in New England and serves as an information broker about science and research in Germany.

mail to:telephone:
science  617-369-4906

Economic and Commercial Department
The Economic and Commercial Section helps to develop and expand trade and investment relations between Germany and New England. It assists companies from both countries to establish new partnerships or joint ventures. The "German-American Business Council of Boston, Inc." is another important institution in this context.

mail to:telephone:
business 617-369-4909
climate 617-369-4913

Cultural Department
The Section for Cultural, Academic and Scientific Exchanges promotes cultural, academic and scientific exchanges and ties between Germany and the New England states.

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culture 617-369-4910

Media and Information Department
The Media and Information Section provides information on Germany and German affairs to schools, colleges and universities, the media and interested associations as well as for the general public.

mail to:telephone:
press 617-369-4913
politics 617-369-4914

Consul, Departments

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