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Previous events held by the Consulate General in Boston.

Europe Day

Europe Day 2017

In his speech in the observance of Europe Day 2017 Consul General Horlemann highlighted the importance and accomplishments of the EU as a peace project 60 years after the Treaties of Rome. He congratulated the students for their “Manifesto for Europe” which they had developed for the occasion.

In this manifesto, which was read by the students, they recognized their common identity and values as European citizens. They pledged to promote the idea of Europe and foster cooperation and networking among the younger generation. EU balloons and blue origami doves as a symbol of peace summarized the day’s spirit and warmed our hearts on a rather cold day in May.


Naturalization Ceremony at the German Consulate General

Naturalization Ceremony at the Consulate General in Boston

Consul General Dr. Ralf Horlemann held a ceremony at the German Consulate in Boston yesterday to hand out naturalization certificates to nine Jewish American citizens who had their German citizenship restored. His speech can be found below.

Former German citizens who between January 30, 1933 and May 8, 1945 were deprived of their citizenship on political, racial, or religious grounds can re-obtain citizenship for themselves and their descendants upon application. Almost 50,000 Jews around the world have had their German citizenship restored this way since 2000, including 7,000 individuals from the US. The German Consulate in Boston has processed approximately 160 of these naturalizations since 2014, with a strong increase in applications since autumn last year.

 WBUR reported on the event which aired this morning. Please click here to hear the story

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Germany in the New England States

GeNES Konultations - Science Talk at the Consulate

Boston is one of the major science hubs in the U.S. and cooperation with Germany is strong. Promoting science cooperation and bringing people together who work in this field is a focus of our work at the German Consulate. We have, therefore, created a new event format – “Konsultations” – to provide a platform for discussion on interesting topics ranging from science to politics and for networking in a relaxed atmosphere. “Konsultations” will be held regularly, at least once every three months. It is a great opportunity for the wider GeNES community – those interested in Germany in the New England States – to meet and connect.

We kicked off this event series on March 16th with a highly interesting presentation by Harvard Professor Gil Noam on the role of psychology and psychiatry in understanding the Trump phenomenon and by Professor Uta Poiger from Northeastern University on social responsibility of scientists. The second round of Konsulatations at the beginning of May featured German physics Nobel prize winner Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle who talked about "Research near absolute zero temperature".

Stay tuned for our next round of Konsulatations happening in the summer time. Come back and visit us for more information soon!
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