Consul General and the Consulate General Departments

Consul General Hans Jörg Neumann

Head of Mission, Political and Economic Affairs

Consul General Hans Jörg Neumann is Germany's representative in the southwestern United States, where his mission is to promote German-American economic relations, present Germany as a modern European country, foster bilateral cultural relations and engage in German-Jewish dialogue.

Consular and Legal Affairs

The Consular and Legal Department provides services for those who would like to travel to Germany, as well as a range of services for German citizens and US residents. Please visit the link below to learn more about the services provided by the German Consulate General in Los Angeles.

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Cultural and Press Affairs

The Consulate General informs the media and the public about modern Germany, aims to foster the cultural ties between Germany and the Southwest, promotes the German language and German studies in the United States and supports exchange programs.

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The Administration Department is responsible for the management of the Consulate's day-to-day operations, including personnel, business, communications and IT services.

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Please contact the Consulate with your questions, comments and suggestions. The contact form is your way to directly reach the specific department responsible for the topic of your comment.

Address, Contact & Office Hours

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Contact in Case of Emergency


How to reach the emergency service in case of an emergency involving a German citizen after office hours or on weekends.