German Food in the Area

Here is a listing of German restaurants in the area brought to our attention that serve German cuisine. Please share other places with us by sending information via form  Contact

German Cakes (C) Colourbox

German Bakeries and Delis in Southern California

Here is a listing of the many bakeries and delis in the Southern California region.  


German Restaurants in Southern California

Find eateries in the area serving everything from fine German cuisine to street food favorites like currywurst and brats.  

Bratwurst © picture-alliance / ZB

German Delis and Restaurants in Arizona

Here are a few establishments serving German food in Arizona. Let us know if there are any others. 

A Traditional Dish © picture-alliance/ ZB

German Delis and Restaurants in Colorado

Find a listing here of places in Colorado that serve German cuisine. Let us know if there are any others we should inlcude.  

German breakfast

German Delis and Restaurants in Utah

Here are a few eating places in Utah serving German food. Let us know if there are any others to include. 

German Food in the Area

German Food (C) Colourbox

Spargelzeit – It’s White Asparagus Time!

Asparagus Dinner © picture-alliance/ dpa

During the Spargelsaison, or season of white asparagus, Germans unite in their devotion to this delicate and delicious vegetable which makes its first appearance in mid-April and usually disappears around the end of June.

German Bread - A Cultural Staple

Whole-grain Bread

Germany’s bread culture is highly diversified, with around 300 different kinds (plus 1,200 cookies and small pastries) and goes back to the unfathomable depths of ancient bread baking times. And German bread is one of the things most missed by Germans living abroad.