German Delis and Restaurants in Arizona

Here is a listing of German delis and restaurants brought to our attention that serve German cuisine. Please share other places with us by sending information via our form  Contact  

Angelika's German Imports

1630 E Fry Blvd., Sierra Vista, AZ 85635


Bavarian Point Restaurant

4815 E Main St # 32, Mesa, AZ 85205


German Cafe

1805 Paseo San Luis, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635


Haus Murphy’s

5739 W Glendale Ave., Glendale, AZ 85301


Zur-Kate German Restaurant

4815 E Main St # 16, Mesa, AZ 85205


German Delis and Restaurants in Arizona

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For Berliners, the currywurst, or curried sausage, with its spicy ketchup sauce is more than just a fast-food snack: it is a means of survival, a tradition and a regional speciality. It comes in a number of variants: served with a bread roll or with chips (and perhaps a dollop of mayonnaise) or – for the absolute purists – on its own; the sausage with or without skin, served whole or cut into ready-to-eat chunks. The currywurst was invented in post-war Berlin, with Hamburg and Ruhr District cities desperately vying for recognition as the place where it all began.