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The following directory provides you with an alphabetical overview of the services and information we offer. Please note the regional specifications to the right of the general overview.

Important Note: The Consulate General San Francisco can only provide those services to residents of the states of  Northern California, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming and U.S. territories Amercian Samoa, Baker-, Jarvis-, Johnston-, Midway-  and Palmyra-Island. If you do not live in this region, please contact the mission that is responsible for your area. To find out which of the nine German missions in the US can assist you, please use our Consulate Finder.

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Visa, Passport, Legal

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Honorary Consul

German Consulate General

Besides helping to promote German-US relations in their region, honorary consuls are also able to assist US and German citizens in some legal and consular issues related to Germany. They are, however, not authorized to provide all services, e.g. they cannot issue visas or passports. If you are unsure if a honorary consul can assist your with your specific concern, please contact the mission that the respective honorary consul reports to (e.g. consulate general or embassy).

Honorary Consuls in the Area