Germany in the Pacific Northwest of the United States

Do you live in our administrative disrict  and want to gain some information about German culture, society and its economy? Here are some organizations in the area that can provide you with the information which  you are looking for. 

Bay Area German

Bay Area Language Learning Opportunities

Whatever plans you have for the future, knowledge of German will increase your options! We've put together a list of schools and institutions in the Bay Area where you or your children can learn German.


German Clubs

German Clubs are important links for Germans living overseas and their Germany home and heritage. Located in the different States of our administrative district, these organizations have taken on the responsability to maintain and nurture German Culture and to pass it on to future generations.

German and American Flag as Pin

German Trade and Business Associations

The German trade and business associations, located in San Francisco and in our administrative district, act as a link between German and American businesses and aim at intensifying the commerce between the two countries.


Goethe Institut

The Goethe Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany's cultural institution and operates worldwide. It promotes the study of the German language abroad and encourages international cultural exchange.

Goethe Institut San Francisco

Round Tables

The following Round Tables and Clubs meet regularly and extend a hearty welcome to new members.  

Easter_St. Matthew's  Chruch

German Church Services

Church Services in German or German speaking pastors provide a sense of belonging and ensure the integration of members into the local church and society.


German Food in the Area

Here are stores that carry German specialities and restaurants serving German food.

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German Science

German Science is represented by thousands of German scholars performing research at local universities and research institutions. They regulary meet for informal get-togethers and beer hours.

The San Francisco office of the German Academic Exchange Service offers information on scholarships for American students and scientists to do research in Germany.

Gathering for the German Academic International Network

Round table of the German Scholar Organization e.V

German Academic Exchange Service in San Francisco

Germany in the Area

Flags of the United States and Germany

Time and weather in Germany

23:50:19 7 °C
Deutscher Wetterdienst

Video Archive

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A date with Europe: Open Day 2017 in Foreign Office

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Germany: a nation of cyclists

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The art world is focused on Germany – it’s Documenta14 in Kassel

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The Berlinale Africa Hub

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A lot more than the Berlinale – film in Germany

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More to come – AArtists in Residence to stay on roof

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Cultural Preservation – A Program of the German Foreign Ministry

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New perspectives: AArtist in residence at the Foreign Office

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The German-Chinese Exchange Year for School Pupils and Young People 2016

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Moving people – and opening up society

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Moving people – with games

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Moving people – with street football

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Menschen bewegen – on stilts

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Moving People – with Medical Technology

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Menschen bewegen 2016

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Neither Boomtown nor Hypezig – just Leipzig

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Germany’s Cross-Cultural Music Scene

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My Germany: Undertaker Vildane Uludağ

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My Germany: Poetry Slammer and Writer Sulaiman Masomi

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The UN's Bonn Headquarters - the Success Story Continues

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My Germany – Actor Dayan Kodua

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The Humboldt-Forum in the new Berlin

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German-Israeli Youth Congress 2015: a Video Diary

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2019 - The Bauhaus Centenary

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My Germany: „District Mother“ Hanin Krimmling

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Happy Birthday! Erasmus Turns 30

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Dual training schemes in Germany - making a successful career start

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Dual Training in Germany

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Studying as a foreign student in Germany

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The Treaty of Rome – 60 years on – why is it cause to celebrate?

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Citizens for Europe – on the streets, in dialogue

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