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Holidays & Traditions

Holidays, be they national commemorations or family-centered fests, have their own unique traditions that vary from country to country and even region to region. Passed down from one generation to the next, our traditions and customs help define who we are and often function as milestones in our lives. 

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Germany is a modern, cosmopolitan country with about 82 million inhabitants. Its society is shaped by a plurality of lifestyles, immigration and truly different ethnocultural diversity, a high standard of living, and freedom of choice.

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From the Black Forest to the techno temples of Berlin, Germany boasts astonishing diversity in a compact country at the heart of Europe.  So if your idea of a vacation is high culture in a European metropolis, a romantic journey back in time, outdoor adventure or all of the above - Germany is your destination.

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Cuisine, Wine & Beer

Great cuisine, fine wines, and excellent beers form an integral aspect of life in Germany. While one can still enjoy traditional favorites, food in Germany has become more varied and creative in recent years. German wine and beer have meanwhile become popular worldwide.


Germany for Kids & Teens

Meet Philipp and Katja! The brother and sister team are ready to tell you all about their lives in Nuremberg, Germany. They can answer all of your questions about German school, culture, their hobbies, friends and much, much more. Get to know Katja and Philipp and learn a little bit more about Germany!

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Facts about Germany

There are plenty of online resources providing information on Germany. Have a look at our link list and start browsing!

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Deutsche Welle's new English-language TV channel

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Starting June 22, 2015, Deutsche Welle will broadcast its new TV-Channel including German-language news program "DW Nachrichten" around the clock. The newly structured TV channels will include among others DW in English, Spanish and Arabic.

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