Weimar Onion Festival

Zwiebelmarkt - Onion Market © picture-alliance/dpa Enlarge image Celebrate the beginning of Autumn at the Zwiebelmarkt Festival. (© picture-alliance/dpa) Every October in Weimar for over 350 years, the sights and smells of Autumn have lured visitors to the old city of Weimar in Thurginia during the Annual Zwiebelmarkt (Onion Festival). Since 1653, local farmers have brought their fruits and vegetables to the public squares of Weimar each October.

At the Onion Festival, a hint of marjoram and grill smoke complements the brisk October air.  The savory food and drink on offer is a great way to celebrate the onset of jacket weather in the charming home of German romanticism. Over 350,000 visitors come to the Zwiebelmarkt each year, making it one of Thuringia's largest volksfests.

The stars of the festival are the farmers from nearby Heldrungen, who bring strands of bright purple and yellow onions and flowers braided with field flowers to the market. Each year, there is a competition to see which farmer can string together the longest onion braid, which is then sold off for charity.

Onions also lend regional specialties much of their flavor. The classic snack on offer at the Zwiebelmarkt is the Zwiebelkuchen, a moist savory cake made of flour and eggs and flavored with bacon and onions.

The Zwiebelmarkt is also the place to enjoy the famous Thüringian bratwurst in its native habitat. These long, thin sausages of finely ground pork mixed with marjoram, caraway and garlic are famous across Germany, but they are prepared with the most care here in Weimar.

Weimar Onion Festival

Onion braids © picture-alliance/dpa