Wine Festivals

Wine © Colourbox Enlarge image (© Colourbox) Over 1,000 wine festivals take place in Germany's 13 wine regions each summer and fall, offering visitors a chance to sit back and sip the fruits of the countryside.

You might just find yourself shouting "Rah Rah Riesling!" or learning first-hand the subtle differences between the Spätlese and Auslese varieties at one of Germany's thousands of wineries, the majority of which are family-owned small businesses.

Many of these festivals take place in the river valleys of the Moselle, the Saar, and Ruwer Rivers, as well as the Rheingau and Baden regions, all popular with summer tourists to Germany.

For many of the smaller German towns, wine festivals extend across the entire wine-growing season. Thus it is no surprise to see events such as "Sekt Fest" or "Riesling Fest," special celebrations honoring Germany's long and varied tradition of world-class wine-growing.

The future looks golden — with a delightful nose — for Germany's winegrowers. The year 2004 marked the first time in Germany's recorded history that wine sales surpassed those of beer.

Wine Festivals

Harvesters with view of Albrechtsburg Castle © picture-alliance / ZB