Germany for Kids & Teens

Meet Philipp and Katja! The brother and sister team are ready to tell you all about their lives in Nuremberg, Germany. They can answer all of your questions about German school, culture, their hobbies, friends and much, much more. Get to know Katja and Philipp and learn a little bit more about Germany!

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Meet Philipp!

Philipp is Katja's little brother and the star of "Germany for Kids," where he tells you all about his life in Germany. Philipp can tell you all about major German cities, attractions and geography. Learn about the German school system. Discover German food, music and Philipp's hobbies. Wonder what the European Union is all about? Philipp is ready with an answer to that question and many more as you discover life in Germany!

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Meet Katja!

Katja is Philipp's older sister and the star of "Germany for Teens," where she tells you all about life in Germany. Learn more about her hometown and hobbies. Read Katja's blog and get a glimpse into the daily life of a German teenager. Travel with her on school trips around Germany. Katja even takes you along for the ride during vacation! Get to know Frederike and Linda, Katja's best friends and constant companions for all of her adventures. Get to Katja and let her be your guide to Germany!

Germany for Kids & Teens


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Attention, teachers and students! The GIC USA Annual Essay Contest is back. The contest is open to students in grades 3-12 and deadline for submission is April 15, 2017. Enter today!

Germany in Class

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With bi-monthly updates on German language news and free lesson plans, "Germany in Class" is a great classroom resource. We keep German and social studies teachers as well as study abroad advisors informed about study abroad opportunities, scholarships and contests.