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Visa Needed?

Entry clearance requirements are dependent on the citizenship of the applicant. Citizens of many countries do not need a visa to visit Germany for stays up to 90 days. Please check our country list if you are not sure whether you need a visa.

Where and how to apply?

Citizens of the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea, as well as EU citizens may apply for their residence permit after entering Germany without a visa.

Citizens of other countries are required to apply and obtain a residence permit prior to entry (an option also open to US citizens) at the German Embassy in Washington, the Consulates in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York or San Francisco.

Click here to find out where to submit your application and to learn about any specific application procedures. Due to local particularities handling and processing may vary slightly among the German missions involved.

Except for rare instances, you have to submit your application in person. Upon submission of all required documents the application will be forwarded to the Aliens' Office (Ausländeramt) competent for your intended place of residence in Germany. Student visa applications take about 25 days to be processed. After the application has been approved by the Aliens' Office the Consulate will issue a residence permit in the form of a visa. The Aliens' Office requires all residence permit holders to register upon their first arrival. A final residence permit for the duration of your studies will be granted in Germany after arrival.

Required Documents

Proof of sufficient funds for studies or language courses in Germany

The applicant has to show proof of sufficient funds for the entire duration of the studies or courses (no less than 720.00 EUR per month). The applicant has three options to finance his/her stay:

1.       Self-financed stay: the applicant will need to show proof of a blocked account in Germany. A monthly amount of at least 720.00 EUR (8,640.00 EUR for a whole year) has to be at your disposal when studying in Germany. For further information, please click  here or visit the Deutsche Bank

2.       Financing by a third party living in Germany (sponsor): formal obligation letter issued by a competent German authority (original and copy).

3.       Scholarship: proof of scholarship, stating duration and amount of monthly allowances

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Visa Appointment Requirements

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Some, not all, Missions require that you schedule an appointment in order to apply for a visa.
Please check on the website of the mission that is in charge of assisting you, if there are any appointment requirements. Please do not call the commercial appointment agencies listed on the website if you are not sure that you are required to schedule an appointment for a visa application, as you will be charged for the call.





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