Please note: Since German language skills are a requirement for the following processes, only the German webpage has information on
- the permission to retain German citizenship when naturalizing in the US ("Beibehaltegenehmigung")
- naturalization after having lost German citizenship due to naturalizing elsewhere without permission to retain German citizenship
- naturalization for children born in wedlock before 1975 to a German mother and foreign father
- how to obtain confirmation that you are NOT a German citizen

Information on German citizenship in German language

Please note: If you were born in Germany prior to January 1, 2000 and neither of your parents was German at the time of your birth, then you did NOT acquire German citizenship then!

General information on obtaining German citizenship: (Dates and marital status of parents matter)

Important Information German Citizenship Acquired through Notification of Birth Occurring Abroad (After 1999) 

Information on obtaining/re-obtaining German Citizenship for former German Citizens and their descendants who were persecuted on political, racial and religious grounds between January 30, 1933 and May 8, 1945

General information on (Applying for) a Certificate of Citizenship [pdf, 70.56k]

Application form for a Certificate of Citizenship (for over 16 yr olds: Please fill in “Antrag F” and “Anlage V”)

Application form for a Certificate of Citizenship (for under 16 yr olds: Please fill in “Antrag FK” and “Anlage V”)

English translation help for filling in the German application form for over 16 yr olds [pdf, 288.35k]

English translation help for filling in the German application form for under 16 yr olds [pdf, 312.07k]
General information on losing German citizenship

Renunciation of German Citizenship

Citizenship Frequently Asked Questions

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Due to the re­launch of the Federal Office of Administration's (BVA) website, the English version of the BVA-website is currently offline.  We will restore the links as soon as the English version of BVA website is online again.  In the meantime, please use our legal information in German language.

Interactive Consulate Finder

German Missions in the United States

Find out which of the nine German consulates throughout the US can assist you by using our interactive Consulate Finder map. To be able to use the map you need Adobe Flash Player. If you do not have it installed on your computer, you can download it free of charge from the producer or take a look at our flash-free consulate district list instead.