Marking the World War I Centenary

World War I cemetery and ossuary of Douaumont

World War I 1914 - 1918

Menin Gate ceremony

Merkel Attends World War I Ceremonies in Belgium

The Chancellor expressed her respect for Belgium’s resistance during World War I and her appreciation for the friendship that the two countries have built since the end of World War II.

Hollande and Gauck at ceremony in France

Gauck Takes Part in WWI Commemorations in France and Belgium

One hundred years after Germany declared war on its neighbors France and Belgium, those neighbors invited Germany’s head of state, Federal President Gauck, to take part in their formal commemorations of the outbreak of World War I.

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1914 - The Failure of Diplomacy

Exactly one hundred years ago, Europe was enjoying the last few months of peace before the outbreak of the First World War. But could European diplomacy have altered the course of those terrible events? A question that is still asked today. And it was asked again at the panel discussion “1914: The Failure of Diplomacy“ held at the German Foreign Office on the 28th of January 2014.

German Historical Museum

The July 1914 Crisis – Sleepwalking Diplomats?

In the Schlüterhof of the German Historical Museum the historians Christopher Clark and Gerd Krumeich discussed how the escalation in the July Crisis in 1914 came about and what lessons relevant to the current crisis in Crimea we can learn from it.


"A Strong Europe with the Right Priorities:" by Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Frans Timmermans

"At the eve of the centennial of the beginning of World War I we are reminded how fragile peace and stability remain even in the closest vicinity of the European Union. The events in Ukraine have led Europe and the world into the most serious crisis since the fall of the Iron Curtain," the German and Dutch foreign ministers write in a joint article.

Panel discussion on World War I

1914 – The Failure of and the Need for Diplomacy

"This commemorative year reminds us of the importance of remaining ever aware of what an achievement of civilisation it is that small and large member states, once opponents in numerous conflicts on our war-torn continent, can spend long nights striving to find joint solutions in a peaceful and civilised manner," Foreign Minister Steinmeier writes.