Germany in the European Union

EU in Brussels

Germany in the European Union

The European Union is the biggest political success story of the past 50 years. Peace and prosperity, freedom and security are achievements cherished by all EU citizens. Germany is a founding member of the organization and plays a very active role in shaping today's enlarged European Union.

Flags of the European Union and the United States

Tapping Potential with the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

With TTIP, the EU and the U.S. will strive to negotiate the most comprehensive and largest bilateral trade and investment agreement ever.

50th Anniversary of Signing of Élysée Treaty

Élysée Treaty: Franco-German Partnership

In 2013 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty, which marked a profound and historic change in the relationship between France and Germany.

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The Making of German European Policy

Nowadays all policy fields have a European dimension. To be an effective advocate of German interests in Europe, the Federal Government must clearly have efficient mechanisms in place to coordinate its policy.

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Participation of the Federal States in EU Affairs

The right of the Federal States (Länder) to participate in EU affairs has been strengthened in both content and formal terms as a result of European integration, which also touches upon Länder domestic competencies.

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German as an EU Language

German is one of the EU languages accorded equal status under EEC Council Regulation No. 1 of 1958. The Federal Government is working for German language skills to be recognized as a career-enhancing qualification and has taken steps to make German courses for this target group more attractive.

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Germany in the EU

Germany in Europe

Germany in Europe

Germany lies at the heart of Europe, and as one of the founding members of the EU, it plays an active part in modeling its present and future. In this campaign, we will take a closer look at how Germany's role has evolved over the century.