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We have put together a selection of feature stories that address various aspects of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge. Read about green careers made in Germany, active energy savings in passive houses, Germany's energy policy in action, and more.



Southern Policy Makers Tour Germany on "Green Jobs, Green Energy" Trip

The trip for representatives from Georgia, Oklahoma, Virginia and the US Virgin Islands was part of the German government’s Transatlantic Climate Bridge, which aims to increase communication and cooperation between Germany and the US in the climate and energy arena.

Berlin Green Architects Tour

Journalists on Green Buildings Visit to Germany

Under the auspices of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge initiative, the German Foreign Office, in collaboration with the U.S. Green Building Council, invited 20 U.S. and Canadian journalists specializing in architecture and environmental issues to participate in an informational tour to Germany focusing on green buildings and architecture.


Midwest Policymakers Visit Germany on “Green Jobs – Green Growth” Trip

State policymakers from Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and California took part in an informational visit to Berlin and Bremen in November entitled “Green Jobs – Green Growth: Opportunities through Re-Industrialization.”

Organic farmer Erhard Thäle and researcher Rachel Michels

Trip for Journalists Looks at "Energy-Farming"

Organized by the Transatlantic Climate Bridge initiative, the tour’s aim was to highlight the range of developments in German bioenergy and practical applications in agriculture as well as the policy environment.

Active Energy Savings in Passive House

There are already approximately 15,000 passive houses around the world. Most are built in German speaking countries and Scandinavia, but there is also a growing passive house movement in the United States.

News & Activities

Green paper figures holding hands

Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Learn more about the initiative and about German energy policy and the energy transition here.