German Embassy Young Journalists Program

The German Embassy regularly organizes German-American workshops for young journalists in Washington, DC, and Berlin.
Young journalists from leading journalism schools have the opportunity to discover and discuss the United States' and Germany's common interests, endeavors, and challenges in politics and as societies and how these relate to journalistic work. The workshops also provide a framework to build personal networks. 

The 2014 workshops took place in Washington, DC, in the spring, and in Germany in the fall.

Foreign Office Visitor Program

The Foreign Ministry offers some very special trips to Germany. Foreign journalists and other opinion-makers are given a week of insights and input in their area of expertise, whether that's business, politics or culture. We take a look at the visitor program.

Young Journalists Report on their Experiences

Young Journalists in Germany 2014

Young American Journalists in Germany 2014

The German Embassy sponsors a biannual program for young journalists. In fall 2014, a group of US journalism students traveled to Germany, meeting with German students, journalists and media executives in Hamburg, Wolfsburg and Berlin. The group was also in Berlin for the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Young Journalists Program 2014

Young Journalists Think Transatlantic — DC Workshop 2014

The German Embassy continued its Young Journalists Program in May 2014 with a five-day workshop in Washington, DC, for journalists in training from top schools in the United States and Germany. Under the heading, "Young Journalists Think Transatlantic," 13 participants had face-to-face meetings with top names in media.

Young Journalists in Germany 2013

Young Journalists in Germany 2013

In November 2013, 12 young journalists in training from some of the top journalism programs in the United States joined an informational tour to Germany at the invitation of the Federal Foreign Office.

Young journalists with Economics Minister Rösler

A Transatlantic Media Dialogue — Young Journalists in Washington DC

Washington, DC, with its almost inexhaustible range of political, cultural and media opportunities, was the ideal city to provide an enriching and unique experience for the transatlantic media dialogue in May 2013.

Young Journalists in Germany

Young Journalists in Germany 2012

Fourteen young high-potentials from the top journalism schools in the United States discovered Germany in autumn 2012. Not only did they meet some of the most outstanding editors from German news media, but they also enjoyed German Gemütlichkeit at Oktoberfest in Munich.

"Think Transatlantic" Young Journalists at the Pentagon

Young Journalists "Think Transatlantic" in Washington DC 2012

In May 2012, the German embassy hosted a German-American workshop in Washington, DC, for outstanding young journalists from the United States and Germany to discuss journalistic challenges from a global perspective and with a transatlantic dimension.

Jessica Chen

Young Journalists in Berlin 2011

Thirteen aspiring young journalists from six top journalism schools in the United States traveled to Munich and Berlin in July 2011 on the invitation of the German Foreign Office. 

Young Journalists in Washington, DC

Young Journalists Experience the “Transatlantic Dimension" in Washington DC 2011

Under the motto “21st Century Journalism: The Transatlantic Dimension,” 13 promising young journalists from Germany and the US received a great opportunity: Understanding each others’ culture and politics and most importantly, meeting like-minded young professionals. 


Young Journalists Experience Germany 2010

Ten graduates from five of the best journalism schools in the United States share their experience discovering Germany for a week, on a trip organized by the German Foreign Office and the Goethe Institut.

Young Journalists

Young Journalists in Germany