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German Embassy co-hosts DC Premiere of “Deutschland 83”: First German Series on U.S. TV

Jun 5, 2015 |
DC Premiere Of SundanceTV's "Deutschland 83"

Deutschland 83, an American-written, Germany-produced TV series, will make history this summer as the first-ever German-language series on American television. On June 4, at the Motion Picture Association of America, the show had its Washington, DC premiere.

Word of the Week: Liebeskummer

Jun 5, 2015 |

Does your heart feel like it's going to jump out of your chest? Maybe it's a health-related heart palpatation - or maybe it's just Liebeskummer.

Fight Against ISIS: Stamina Needed

Jun 4, 2015 | Federal Foreign Office
Anti- ISIS Conference in Paris

The anti‑ISIS coalition met in Paris on June 2, nine months after it was set up. The aim was to take stock of the cooperation to date and to develop strategies on how to deal with the Islamist terrorist group.

Germany, US to Sign Joint Declaration of Workforce Training

Jun 3, 2015 |
Manufacturing jobs

The US and Germany are moving toward closer cooperation on education and workforce training with the upcoming Joint Declaration of Intent. On Friday, June 5, government officials from both countries signed the Joint Declaration at the German Marshall Fund in Washington, DC.

Statistics Show Importance of G7

Jun 3, 2015 |

With the G7 Summit right around the corner, the German Statistical Office (Destatis) has released a report detailing the economic contributions of the alliance. In 2013, the G7 countries made up 32.7 percent of the global economy.