Central Topics

Globalization has increased the interconnectedness of peoples and countries — the impact of political decisions and economic and social developments is increasingly felt in faraway lands. Efforts to cooperate rather than confront are important to Germany. Foreign cultural and education policy as well as Foreign trade promotion also form an integral part of German foreign policy.

Distributing aid to refugees in Erbil

Refugee crisis - what German foreign policy is doing

Dealing with the worldwide refugee crisis is an international challenge. Combating the causes of flight and raising awareness in countries of origin ‑ these are the priorities of German foreign policy.

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Disarmament and Arms Control

From weapons of mass destruction to anti-personnel mines, disarmament and arms control are essential elements of German foreign policy.

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Cooperation on Energy Security and Climate Protection

Energy and climate issues are closely interconnected, but the challenges they pose are very different. The increasing use of fossil fuels accelerates climate change, with grave consequences for many parts of the world.

Human Rights

German Human Rights Policy

Respect for and development of human rights are a key priority for the German Government. Germany's human rights policy in international relations has a concrete obligation: to protect individuals from violations of their rights and basic freedoms and to create a viable framework to ensure that suppression, the arbitrary use of power and exploitation no longer have a chance to flourish. 

Economic links

World Economy and Development

Germany is integrated into the world economy and dependent on its growth to a much greater extent than many other countries. Trade and a dense network of economic links create trust and stabilize international relations.

Cultural relations

Culture and Intercultural Dialogue

Cultural relations and education policy is an essential pillar of German foreign policy. It strengthens intercultural dialogue and aims to interest other countries more in Germany and Europe in the long term.

Central Topics

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Preservation of cultural heritage

Herat, Afghanistan

Since 1981, Germany has been supporting the preservation of cultural heritage across the globe as part of the Cultural Preservation Programme of the Federal Foreign Office. The objective is to strengthen people’s sense of their own national identy and to build up a cultural dialogue in a spirit of partnership. The program has become a highly effective instrument of Germany’s Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy.