Think Transatlantic

"What brings Europeans and Americans closer together
and keeps them close 

   is a common basis for shared values,
   is a common idea of the individual and his inviolable dignity,
   is a common understanding of freedom and responsibility."

- Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel

The United States is Germany's closest ally outside Europe. By working together, we can address today's toughest global challenges. If we all Think Transatlantic, we can promote peace, prosperity and security across the planet.

Think Tank Reise

Think Tank Experts Invited to Informational Trip to Germany

The Foreign Ministry sent 14 US think tank experts on an informational trip to Germany this month, allowing them to learn more about Germany's political, economic and cultural life.

Transatlantic Relations

German-US Relations

The transatlantic partnership is a basic axiom in German foreign policy. It is no longer merely a matter of security issues, the whole spectrum of global challenges is now the subject of German-US cooperation.

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International Organizations

German foreign policy is a policy for peace. This principle is a central part of all the activities of the Federal Foreign Office. Specific examples include Germany’s engagement in the United Nations and the OSCE, in the areas of global disarmament and crisis prevention.

A Bavarian-style couple were all smiles at the German-American Steuben Parade of New York in September 2009.

Evolution of a Friendship

Germans and Americans share a common past and a common purpose dating back to 1608, when the first Germans arrived at the English settlement of Jamestown.

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The German-American story spans several centuries, from the early, large-scale immigration of Germans to the fledgling United States until the solid transatlantic partnership between both countries today.

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Further Resources

To find out more about how to Think Transatlantic, check out some of these institutions which provide all kinds of great information in English on transatlantic and German-American relations.

Think Transatlantic

Think Transatlantic

Think Transatlantic Views: "All Eyes on Angela"


Iain Whitaker is the Assistant Director, Leadership Progarms at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and traveled to Germany as part of the German Federal Foreign Office's December 2016 "Think Transatlantic" Study Tour. In this post-trip article he takes on the challenges facing German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Global Insight "All Eyes on Angela"

Think Transatlantic Views: "An Anxious Germany Awaits the Trump Administration"

Think Tankers

Pacific Council communications associate Justin Chapman recently traveled to Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, Germany for the "Think Transatlantic" Study Tour, sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office. In an article titled "An Anxious Germany Awaits the Trump Administration", he asks and answers questions about Germany and the United States' new administration with insights gained during his trip.

Newsroom "An Anxious Germany Awaits the Trump Administration"