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The European Union secures peace, prosperity, freedom, and democracy in Europe. It turned former enemies into friends and allies, sustaining peace in Europe for over 60 years.

As the world’s biggest economy and its largest single market, the European Union unites 28 democratic market economies with a combined population of over 500 million. Germany lies at the heart of Europe. As one of its founding members it plays an active part in modeling the present and future of the EU.

With the EU undergoing change once more let’s take a closer look at how Germany's role has evolved over the century. Will we see a more European Germany or a more German EU?

Escaping East Germany: Germans Discuss Crossing the Border

Nov 19, 2014 |

For decades, Germany was divided, cut in two by a highly-secured border that seemed almost impossible to penetrate. Crossing this border was neither easy, nor safe: at least 138 people died trying. But for some, the desire for freedom outweighed the risks, and they made the dangerous journey over, under or right through the border, well knowing they may not survive.

Germany in Europe News

Germany in Europe